Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I sayang you.
I like you.

It's never an easy thing to say to someone you care.
But when you say it..

Would you bare all the consequences you're about to face later on?
Yes or No?

If it's a YES, definitely a good thing.
If it's a NO, bare the pain.

That is the consequences you have to bare.
In my case, the girl said "NO".

So I'm baring all the consequences now that is HURT.

take care of her,better than me


LynnDa @ PeNg said...

rilex ahh.. bunga bukan sekuntum...
berkuntum2 lagi ade...
kat cameron ade banyak...hehehe
cheer up..

Nisha said...

may i know who,pls?