Monday, November 9, 2009

high n dry

damn,i lost my touch n ideas...n it has been 3 weeks now gua kekeringan idea,currently gua ade 4 to 5 jobs utk pocket tepi gua..tapi gua kering idea,hmm skrg nih gua rase idea gua lagi kering dari sambal sotong kering mak gua heh,previously nih ade mamat singapore contact gua dia nak buat tattoo gua design criteria nye aqua..deadline mid of NOV,alallalala ape nk buat nih?gmbar nih emaild from minah jepun where i met her mase africa trip itu hari..agak hot jugak minah nih tapi gua brani nak tackle dia hahahah biase lah gua kan udang bab pompuan nih

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I sayang you.
I like you.

It's never an easy thing to say to someone you care.
But when you say it..

Would you bare all the consequences you're about to face later on?
Yes or No?

If it's a YES, definitely a good thing.
If it's a NO, bare the pain.

That is the consequences you have to bare.
In my case, the girl said "NO".

So I'm baring all the consequences now that is HURT.

take care of her,better than me

it feel weird

hello yello numero uno...hahaha 4-5 days to go for hari raya,waaaaahhh will miss ramadhan(indeed)...yesterday aku go for buka puasa at curve...with some office colleague at thai express(well that's not the interesting part of this post-but the foods there not bad lah*mite go again*)the best part of yesterday is during the buka puasa obviously theres alot of hot chicks walking around that area...well the best part is "almst all of them having sweet creamy body figure its totally dropping jaw scene to look at hahahha shit ah i try to refuse it but i just cant....but as a men-i must admit I DO LOVE THE TWINS,well after penat makan n coci mata haha..then decided to get my chocolate ass back home...on my way to car,met an old friend which for a while tak jumpa i think abt 4-5 years tak jumpa (mane hilang ntah mamat nih) kami lepak jap for a puff..while puffing look around for the chicka's again..then we saw a guy with his gf which i met dkat thai express tadi,the best about this particular dumb ass is dia puasa tapi pkai baju beer for buka,m not saying that im really good in practising ISLAM but then comon lah idiot!!wheres your common sense gone?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


cant believe my 2nd brother ask me,"is this ur new gf?"hahahah dude if this my new gf,everyday pun aku batal puasa looking her *bubs*pergh haahaha,well hari nih saje je tulis since its been a year + i've stop update stupidgolfish hahahah....and im in so fking bored since my geng2 at office dah resign,been working with them abt 2 years..somehow we became a close friends and more like brothers tiba2,when i came back from africa 2 dah takde aaarrgghhhh damn...waaaaa since they resign im abit confuse and blur whats my next step in this company suddenly it feels like everything turn to grey laaa,waaaaa....n now im knocking on the exit door,well nice meetin' u back readers n selamat berpuasa..moga puasa ini lebih baik dari ramadhan yang lepas,oh ya klaw ade salah silap hrap siampunkan lah ye...tho i've stop writing on blog im still the old ameer yg shoes fetish hahahah