Tuesday, August 26, 2008

4th quarter of 08

its seems like we going to enter the 4th quarter of dragon year 08,i notice that loads of things happen in our bumi pertiwi (msia),shhhiish....what happening to us,against each other by defending personal point of view, what happen to the unity campaign? . Ah,i think we should stop or less thinking abt msia politics not saying stop being patriotic (dont get me wrong pal) and not being united,but it seems it's been more sensitive and fragile issue to talk abt but ya happy 51st MERDEKA to MSIA and im gald to be part of this country. Oh ya,just wanted to share with you readers,i just came back from UGANDA located at the center of africa region. Gosh,i was abit scared to get there on the first place(i must said),due to couple of days before the exodus from KUL to EBB,i watch the famous movie "the last king of scotland" damn its horrifying.But to be honest UGANDA! is a nice,peaceful,and sweet green country,i guess we should stop under estimate them neither other africa countries. Uganda its like 15 years behind msia but the people is much nicer then msian seriously,the culture is still virgin and haven't corrupt nor influence by the capitalist mentality even the forest is still green and virgin tho, no wonder UGANDA is the only country in globe which still having Silverback Gorilla the most protected ape in earth but i got no chance to meet the silverback heheheh......During the trip I got a chance to drop by to Jomo KENYATTA,Kenya and DOHA,Qatar...i'll talk about the trips to this two beautifull countries on next post.So,so long

to be continued

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